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Ready to join our rugby community?

Let's Go!

The Jr. Blues hold weekly sessions open to High School athletes in the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. We are currently looking for new players to join the successful team – no experience is required.

Join the KC Blues  U19 7’s Academy this summer for top physical conditioning in this fast paced version of rugby. Last year the Premier Side U19 team took the best rugby players from across the KC Metro and took 2nd at the North American Invitational 7s Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Clinic runs from June 6th to July 20th.  

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Location: Swope Soccer Village


High school athletes from any school in the area are welcome to join.  This is a great introduction for any Boy 9th - 12th grade.  We will host both Jr. High and High School athletes in our for Fall Rugby Training set for October.

To join our rugby community, please register with us today by downloading our Stack Team App and creating a profile.


See you at the pitch!

Why should YOU play rugby?

Rugby Rules Promote Safety - The Jr. Blues teach safe tackling and safe contact is part of the rules of rugby.  Rugby tackling is a safer alternative to football tackling, in fact, high school, college and NFL teams are promoting this to make NFL safer.  Hits to the head can get you kicked out of the game immediately

Physical Fitness - Playing with the Junior Blues will make you fitter, faster and stronger!  Rugby requires you to improve your strength, agility, hand eye coordination and endurance.  Wherever you are on the fitness spectrum, playing rugby will vastly improve that level.

Everyone Carries the Ball - No X on your helmets with the Junior Blues.  If you spent your whole football career being banned from carrying the ball because you were bigger than the other kids and you always wanted to carry the rock, Junior Blues Rugby is for you.  

Social Benefit - Rugby is fun and helps develop social skills not only with your rugby brothers and coaches but your community in general.  "Players learn how to work well as a team and think about how decisions that are made will benefit not just themselves, but also their peers." (Leana Kell)

Rugby Comradery - Rugby builds a bond with teammates like no other sport.  It is the ultimate team sport where you not only bond with team mates, but are encouraged to socialize with the competition.

College Rugby - There are over 900 men’s and women's clubs on college campuses across the country, and if your college of choice has a rugby team or club, YOU can be a part of it.  Rugby continues to grow in the U.S. and some schools are now offering rugby scholarships.

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